Forced c-section authorized to protect woman suffering from ‘psychotic episodes’ and ‘delusional beliefs,’ judge says

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The Italian government is poised to step in and has instructed its own legal team for a possible High Court challenge to the original decision for the baby to be adopted.

A judge allowed doctors to deliver a mentally ill woman’s baby by Caesarean section against her will because of fears for the safety of both mother and daughter, it emerged Wednesday.

Newly released court papers reveal that Alessandra Pacchieri, 35, had already had two children by Caesarean section and doctors felt she risked serious complications if she was allowed to give birth naturally.

An emergency sitting of the Court of Protection in August last year was also shown evidence that she suffered “psychotic episodes” and “delusional beliefs” and lacked the capacity to make informed decisions.

Last night the medical trust caring for her broke its silence on the case to insist that it took the unusual step of applying for the baby to be delivered against Ms Pacchieri’s will because she required powerful medication that would have harmed her unborn child.

There is also a significant mental health advantage in her unborn child not being exposed to risk during his or her birth

Ms Pacchieri, 35, from Tuscany, can be named for the first time after a High Court judge refused a request from Essex county council for a blanket ban on any detail that could identify her.

Her child, who is in the process of being adopted, cannot be named.

Court papers also point to contradiction between the account of her legal team and that of the British courts.

Ms Pacchieri’s lawyer, Stefano Oliva claims that the procedure was carried out prematurely, when she was 34 weeks pregnant. But the court heard that she was just a day off her due date when the procedure took place.

The case has given rise to a growing international row involving politicians in both Britain and Italy. The Italian government is poised to step in and has instructed its own legal team for a possible High Court challenge to the original decision for the baby to be adopted.

Ms Pacchieri, who suffers from bipolar disorder, came to Britain in June 2012 for a training course at Stansted airport.

She suffered what her legal team insist was a “panic attack” that led to her being detained under Britain’s Mental Health Act.

Ten weeks later, in late August 2012, the local health authority obtained an order enabling doctors to deliver the child by Caesarean section while Essex county council began care proceedings that led to the girl being eventually put up for adoption.

Despite a ruling in February in favour of adoption, Ms Pacchieri is fighting to get her child back and a final decision rests with Sir James Munby, Britain’s most senior family judge.

After days of controversial wrangling, Mr Justice Mostyn, the judge who authorized the forced Caesarean, agreed to publish his judgment and a transcript of the short hearing.

It shows that the crucial factor was the fear that unless the baby was delivered by Caesarean section there was a risk Ms Pacchieri would suffer a rupture.

The judge remarked: “I would have thought it was in [Ms Pacchieri’s] best interests, that is, her mental health best interests, that her child should be born alive and healthy and that such result should be, if possible achieved, and such risks attendant should be avoided.”

“I think, looked at from her point of view, there is also a significant mental health advantage in her unborn child not being exposed to risk during his or her birth.”

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Our View

Welcome to the mad corrupt insane world of Child Protection where evidence is fabricated out of a desperation to see what they want to see, or , a pure fabrication to justify yet another statistic for the incredibly lucrative business of adoption, foster parenting and or supervised access.

Take the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, it appears they every month they have plans to seize several children the moment they are born.

This week is yet another busy week for them but the level of desperation forces them to frequently see risks and danger that no average person would believe. That is, they fabricate evidence and Justices of the Peace sign the warrants and rejections are almost unheard of from the politically appointed JPs.

In Ottawa their chief fabricator of Evidence, Marguerite Isobel Lewis, rightfully or wrongfully, is commonly referred to in legal circles as "The Baby Snatcher".

Judges place blind trust in CAS lawyers and one of most evil creatures around, the Child Protection Worker.

The problem is, the judges are all too often, former CAS lawyer who are unofficially appointed by the Children's Aid Society to be judges where they spend their lives leaving a trail of destruction, abused parents, abused Children, where the cess pool of humanity like Marguerite Isobel Lewis tells judges pure fabrications in order to protect equally criminal, Child Protection Workers from being exposed.

Ottawa is just one of 48 private cult like private corporations who rake in all together some Billion Dollars of Tax Payer money that is unlimited. The government keeps pouring billions of dollars into the bottomless pit of the corrupt insane world of Child Protection of Ontario, that is not a Government Department but a host of 48 secretive unaccountable collection of criminals who while pretending to "protect" end up being the worst form of Abusers of Absolute Power imaginable.

Every politician in Ontario needs a wake up call as to the incredible destruction caused and, ripping open mothers to take their children is something they do with a sadistic relish that makes you realize that these 48 Criminal organizations specifically seek out the nastiest personalities around.

Passive aggressiveness, destructive narcissism, borderline personalities abound in the Child Protection World of Ontario. The very worst of these creeps get to be supervisors where they rule turn graduates of social work into monsters who themselves live and work in a culture of fear and intimidation for their own jobs.

In Ottawa, one particular social worker is making a name for himself in the Fabrication of Evidence, one Phillip Hiltz-Laforge. If you have any knowledge of this character, send an email to StopCASdotCA at
Dedicated to disbanding the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.



Ontario Parents need to know that at dam near every birthing hospital unit, nursing staff regularly witness babies snatched at birth.

For example, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa has several such apprehensions planned each month for months to come, all of which will enter the Adoption Racket run by the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

You can pay $40,000 for a private adoption, or become a member of the CAS Religious Cult where it helps to have to show destructive narcissism and or a borderline personality, key features of a modern Child Protection Worker or d supervisor employed in the business of fabricating evidence to needlessly leave a trail of destroyed lives.

Ontario Canada is has an equally notorious and even more unaccountable system of Child Protection.

It's a well known Criminal Organization with 48 unaccountable private corporations all designed for plausible dependability. If one worker or society is sprung, the rest claim it was nothing to do with them.

The Responsibility rests on the all the Liberal members of parliament who have sat in silence to the incredible endless complaints of criminal behaviours by Child Protection Workers and lawyers.

What is even worse is that they they control and or direct local police forces into laying charges against those they don't like, critics of the CAS and dropping charges against the most violent of parents because of their gender or political connections to the CAS.

They are referred to by senior lawyers as "The Gestapo" a style of secret police that would make Hitler proud.

A decade back, when the government brought in registration for social workers, the CAS changed the job description to "Child Protection Worker"  to allude the reality that have more power than a cop and more power than god.

Watch the Video at and next time you meet a Child Protection Worker, tell em you watched the video and ask them how can they work for such a criminal organization.

The answer is very obvious. You have to demonstrate a propensity to fabricate, lie cheat and torture parents, to engage in absolute cruelity to be a successful Child Protection Worker

If you are really good at abusing others, and show an ability to control and manipulate, threaten and intimidate, you get to be a supervisor at the Corrupt Children's Aid Society.

There are unfortunately, many necessary apprehensions at birth. The problem is, that a large number of apprehensions at birth or at other ages, are largely based upon fabricated evidence.

The Ontario Government legislated that Social Workers be licenced.

The Unaccountable "society", "decided" that it would "rename" social workers as "Child Protection Workers",  a name that implies more power than a police officer and that is exactly what it has done, given absolute power to the some of the most unsuitable personalities one could imagine.

The 48 private corrupt, criminal private corporations of Ontario who have an unaccountable monopoly on Child Protection, hire the personalities who show a willingness to fabricate evidence, lie, cheat, and highly skilled at being antagonistic, passive agressive, expert button pushers and in sum, the perfect employee to be a torturer for the secret police of the worst countries on earth.

When it comes to Child Protection, Ontario is one of the worst places on the planet to have a knock on your door from the CAS.

Now, there is a new spin. Violent mothers who would never get custody in Family Court use "private child protection applications" to get a matter taken out of Family Court and into the secretive feminist world of "CFSA Court", where the hearings are generally banned to the public, the press can attend under special circumstances but, odds are the Judge is a Former CAS Lawyer who got to be a Judge by reason of lobbying by the Children's Aid Society.

These judges Rubber Stamp any order requested by the CAS.

Apprehensions at birth are on the rise. The CAS have One billion Dollars a year in motivation and unlimited legal expenses that no one else can afford.

They take their actions against those who can't afford a lawyer and most of the time end up with ineffectual "legal aid" that in some cases includes lawyers who are next to incompetent and or unwilling to advocate for their clients.

Ontario Legal Aid is increasingly cancelling legal aid certificates which directly assists the corrupt CAS in gaining orders that they would be unlikely to obtain if the party was properly represented.

What makes it disgusting is that the CAS Lawyers fabricate evidence directly. If that's not enough, Former CAS lawyers who are the judge, get to kick the victims in the head by fabricating their own conclusions that often don't have any connection with the evidence.

If readers are outraged by this English Article then they need to be aware that any parent in Ontario, could suddenly without cause get a knock on the door from the Ontario Gestapo.


Child Protection Workers the world over, frequently but not always, abuse absolute power and fabricate evidence. The rate of that abuse varies but in Ontario, it reaches a significant number of cases and the odds rise dramatically when it comes to "baby snatching" removing a child at birth.

All to often, a pregnant mother will have one or more children removed while she is pregnant, the removal destroys her income and more often than not, the depression resulting from the unnecessary baby-snatching, triggers workers and "Quacks", "hired pens" to write psychological reports that include sufficient exaggerations and omissions to justify "snatching" the next child at birth.

Its a big business, Ontario spends One Billion Dollars a year, the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa gets around $80 Million dollars to fund 400 odd employees and the most lucrative jobs require fabrication of evidence to keep the production line running.

What is most disgusting is the "make work" projects, that these corrupt criminal cults have to justify their own existence.

They are generally a collection of some of the nastiest personalities one could ever encounter.

The incredible abuses that are perpetuated upon parents and children are beyond the comprehension of the average person.

For Fabrication of Evidence, some workers deserve special recognition. Take Child Protection Worker Phillip Hiltz-Laforge of Ottawa whose fabrications cause a trail of destroyed lives.  Then there is Madam Baby Snatcher, the lawyer for for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who is fabricates evidence before judges just to keep the stats up for "the society" that is most commonly referred to, not as the CAS but "The Gestapo".

If you are a victim of fabrication of evidence by a Child Protection Worker, email 

Check out the video by Rhyason University "Powerful as God" at