It is rather tragic that the Police spend very large amounts of money to watch the funeral of man who died of old age and then intimidate, harass all his relatives at a time of their grief.

What we have is an example of political correctness that simply applies resources though a political filter.

In Ottawa you will not see the police investigate a public officer or an officer of the court for committing a criminal offence and or an offence against children.

The nastiest, most vile, most corrupt, criminal organization with a reputation for child abuse, is the unaccountable, secretive organization, called the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

These 48 private corporations operate like a Cult, and have corrupted Ontario Society on such a massive scale that it defies belief or understanding most people and if you are in the Ottawa Police, you are trained to be blind deaf and dumb when it comes to criminal offences by this rogue criminal organization.

These worst of the worst criminals, child abusers, have gained control of the courts, they have their own legislation to protect them called the Child and Family Services Act.

These Criminals have infested and riddled the Judiciary of the Superior Court of Ontario with their own hand picked lawyers who spent many years paying their dues for this criminal organization, fabricating evidence and then getting an almost automatic appointment to the judiciary.

Ottawa Superior Court is riddled with them, to the point that there is little point in litigating against them. They have so much power in the courts, with the court administration with direct lines to their former lawyers now judges to get judges changed, to get orders made without even the other party being in the court room.

And it costs Ontario Billions, yes, Billions of dollars, it takes money away from fighting genuine criminals, it swamps the courts, to the point that the majority of litigation is generated by corrupt public officials for their own make work projects.

The vast majority of CAS children in care and or adoptions are obtained by the Fabrication of Evidence and by judges like our former CAS lawyers turned judges, turning a deliberate blind eye and Rubber Stamping, anything and everything the CAS want. 

When they actually get a judge with balls, they intimidate him via their own judges in judges chambers, these are the most ruthless, criminals in society and the Ottawa Police and our Judiciary promote and encourage these criminal child abusers.

Take the lawyer Marguerite Isobel Lewis of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, she fabricates evidence in the court room, before a former CAS lawyer turned judge who turns a deliberate blind eye and, wait for it the Ottawa Police start an investigation and drop it upon one phone call from the CAS.

Then we have Child Protection Worker Philip Hiltz-Laforge who habitually fabricates evidence and the Ottawa Police do nothing. He gets the stamp of approval from the former CAS lawyers turned judges who turn a deliberate blind eye to the worst of the worst criminals in society who don't protect children but abuse them.

Enough is enough.

It's time to disband Ontario's Largest Criminal Organization.

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