Ottawa’s first baby of 2014 born at Montfort minutes after her cousin



From left, newborns Mélissa and her as yet unnamed cousin were born 15 minutes apart. Mélissa was born two minutes past midnight on the first day of 2014 while her cousin was born late 2013.

Photograph by: James Park , Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — New Year’s baby Mélissa Fils had to share the spotlight on Wednesday — her cousin was born just down the hall, a few minutes and a whole other year earlier.

The tot was quiet but awake and alert as a group of reporters and photographers hovered over her in the Montfort Hospital’s maternity ward Wednesday afternoon, just 14 hours after her 12:02 a.m. arrival. She gazed up and gave the occasional yawn while cradled in her mother’s arms, as assorted family members milled around the room.

The daughter of Nadia Fils and Yvens Morose, Mélissa weighed seven pounds, three ounces at birth. Fils said it was a nice surprise that her daughter was Ottawa’s first baby of the new year and that she was “very proud.”

Coincidentally, Fils’ sister Anne-Luce Pierre gave birth to a six-pound, six-ounce baby boy down the hall 15 minutes earlier, in the waning minutes of 2013. She and the baby’s father Maxa Charles had yet to decide on a name for the boy, who is their second child.

Mélissa is Fils and Morose’s third child. She seemed happy to share the spotlight with her slightly older cousin.

The sisters had no idea they would give birth so close together. Pierre’s due date was Dec. 19 and Fils’s due date was Dec. 31. But they know now that future New Year’s celebrations will include joint birthday parties for the two little cousins, even though they were born in separate years.

As it happens, the sisters are well-practised in throwing shared birthday parties. Fils’ birthday is March 24 and her sister’s is March 29, so she said they usually celebrate together.

“Everyone from the Montfort team congratulates the new parents,” said Dr. Bernard Leduc, president and CEO, in a statement. “We wish them happiness and we are honoured to have shared such a precious moment with this family.”

Mélissa and her new cousin weren’t the only relatives born minutes apart but in separate years. In Mississauga, Lindsay Salgueiro delivered fraternal twin sisters. Baby Gabrielle was born at 11:52 on New Year’s Eve, and her twin sister Sophie was born 38 seconds after midnight.

Source Ottawa Citizen

Our view

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Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
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