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The Children's Aid Societies of Ontario are notorious for sometimes selecting the wrong people who have histories that would shock any parent.

While there is no doubt that some Foster Parents are ideal and great for kids in care, that is not what parents who have children in care seem to experience in Ottawa. What we here is a never ending list of disturbing allegations which are impossible to completely confirm or deny however, we will not post information unless it appears to be credible and believable. If it does not pass the smell test, it won't be posted and the only people who can identify who we are rreferring to will most probably be other parents who have childen in care with that same foster parent.

In Ottawa almost every parent with a child or children in care has shocking allegations regarding the foster mother. In fact we have never yet heard of a foster father. It appears that any male is deemed to be a potential child abuser unless they are of the right political group in society.

Foster Parents in Ottawa include those with dubious backgrounds that are disturbing.

To comply with publication bans, we will give these Foster Parents nicknames as decided by the parents of children who have been in care or are in care. To prevent identification each story is a blend of more than one case however other disturbing but unverified information is not included. The stories however will be recognizable by readers who have had childen or have a child or children in the care of that particular foster parent. If you have a "nickname" that you think is appropriate, let us know.

She has some NINE KIDS in care and runs like a prison with 5:00 am get ups for children of any age.
Each child is given a list of cleaning duties and other children are delegated to be "enforcers" who ensure that the younger or smaller children do exactly what is on the list.

That means, that PEPSI is raking in an effective tax free income that equates to over $100,000 a year and she has the parenting done by other children.

Around 90% of "foster parents are female. Ther is a political agenda going on. The "societies" across Ontario prefer Gay and or Lesbians for foster parenting. Ottawa is no different. It is an almost unwritten rule that foster parents are not to be a male and a female living together.

POPSI at least used to like having a man in her life. When she became involved with the CAS, he got the flick. Now she makes her entire income from having foster children in her care. She pays her dues by being a loyal CAS supporter and CAS ignor her long history of dysfunction and association with the wrong people.

Her personality appears to be a narcarcistic borderline personality with violence going on in the home at least by her own child towards children in care.

TANGO  - Is a classic narcistic male with obvious personality problems who lives with another male who has a long history of complaints by those who had dealings with him. They fit the perfect CAS Ottawa foster parent profile of political correctness.  The two men are legally married to each other and are consumate actors.

SPRITE  Sprite is another single mother home / foster mother who has no respect for children's needs and is a danger to any child in her care. She fails to give them their medications, fails to understand their special medical needs and even fails to dress the children properly even on the coldest day.

These children were apprehended on false allegations that the mother was incapable of looking after them however the CAS allegedly refused to take the list of medications and or ensure that their medications continued.

The Children show up for visits with escalating problems that the worker fabricates excuses.

The Children's Aid Societies act as their own police which is akin to asking the mafia to as as the police.
In Ontario, its vitually impossible to complain about a foster parent. There is NO accountablity for the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

In Ottawa, the executive director does not even take phone calls regarding complaints and rarely ever responds directly to any complaints.  If you have a complaint regarding your child's foster parent, speak to your lawyer. Do not mention it to CAS. Speaking out typically causes CAS to respond brutally to silence anything that they don't want to hear. They are simply accustomed and addicted to absolute power and are corrupted absolutely.

The odds of any repercussions to CAS is entirely remote, which is why you need to discuss those complaints with a lawyer who is experienced in fighting CAS.

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