Cheryl Hess   is a

 Lawyer who does "contracts"

for the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

she now works for Bell Baker LLP

where she pretends to be objective regarding the CAS.


Cherul Hess was involved the removing the parental rights of

a father because he was overweight.

That famous case involved an "assessment"

by CAS Hired Gun Dr. David McLean.

If you have any information regarding Cheryl Hess


or call (613) 366-7580



Stopcas aims to  replace the 48 Ontario Private Corporations

with an Ontario Government Department of Child Protection.


The Ottawa Children's Aid Society is notorious for workers and lawyers fabricating evidence.

                                Never underestimate the power of the Children's Aid Society.

They have more power than a police officer

and they abuse that power with impunity and immunity.


                                If you have just come into contact with, or have a concern regarding the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa send an email to

or Call Local Ottawa Number  (613) 366-7580