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2014-04-17 Barbara Kay: Children’s aid societies gone rogue

2014-04-17 Glen Murray defends government’s secrecy on driving instructors

2014-04-17 Names of bad driving instructors kept secret

20140417 Parents of Calgary stabbing suspect ‘shocked and devastated’

2014-04-17 Kathleen Wynne sues Tim Hudak, PC party for $2 million

2014-04-15 Hugh Adami: Foster parents found for two Mexican children whose adoptive mother is ill

2014-04-14 Lev Tahor wins appeal in child welfare case despite Ontario judge’s ‘grave concern’ CAS Chatam

2014-04-10 London-Middlesex Children’s Aid Society slapped with record court costs of $1.4 million

2014-04-10 Calls for Pru Goward to be sacked over abandoned children

2014-02-11Mother arrested after baby girl mauled to death by dog

2014-01-04 Ottawa mom fighting to get daughter back after babysitter sexual assault 

2014-01-26 Hundreds of children 'detained in police cells'

2014-01-13 John Ivison: Can’t accuse Tories of stacking Supreme Court, whatever outcome of Nadon hearing

2014-01-13 Kathleen Wynne prepares to call two byelections as Tim Hudak unveils ‘one million jobs’ plan

2014-01-06 Liberals promise cash cards for residents outside Toronto who lost power

2014-01-03 Wynne says gift card circulation flawed but necessary

2014-04-01 Ex-politician's husband remembered as loving father who battled with depression

2014-01-03 Former Royal Ottawa director Amanda Rousseau jailed 15 months for fraud

2014-01-02 Ottawa’s first baby of 2014 born at Montfort minutes after her cousin

2014-01-01 Father launches $130m lawsuit to get his son back after his ex-girlfriend puts their baby up for adoption without telling him

2013-12-31 Parents sue Royal Vic after baby taken for flawed drug test

2013-12-31 Family sues hospital for taking away newborn based on incorrect drug test - Montreal

2013-12-30 Child severely injured while in foster care

2013-12-30 With second suicide bomb in two days, Russia touts Olympic safety in fortress-like Sochi

20131230 Kathleen Wynne ‘ready’ to face spring election over unpopular plan to raise additional $2B a year to fund transit

2013-12-30 Vito Rizzuto’s funeral draws hundreds into streets as bystanders turn out to witness end of mob ‘dynasty’

2013-12-27 NSA’s phone record collecting is legal despite chance of imperiling ‘civil liberties of every citizen’: judge

2013-12-26 Egypt’s military-backed government declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group that ‘knows nothing but violence’

2013-12-25 Think of 'brave men and women in uniform,' says PM Harper in Christmas message

2013-12-25 Happy holidays? Thousands of Canadians face cold, dark Christmas after ice storm

2013-12-25 Families without power trying to make the best of a ‘dark Christmas’

2013-12-21Wynne plays long game in era of cynicism

2013-12-20 US Department of Justice calls for examples of outrageous child custody outcomes

2013_12_18 Spy agency anxious over increase in ‘phenomenon’ of Freeman anti-government ideology in Canada

2013_12_18 Ronnie Biggs, Britain’s ‘Great Train Robber,’ dies at 84; lived high life in Rio after escape

2013-12-11 Toy drive to benefit Children’s Aid  -Windsor-Essex Gestapo Headquarters

2013-12-08 Canada exporting arms to countries with dicey human rights records

2013-12-08 Lenin statue toppled in Ukraine’s largest protest since 2004

2013-12-07 Why Ontario’s economy is running out of energy: Cohn

2013-12-07 NSA considered spying on Canadians without this country’s consent, top-secret directive says

2013-12- 04 Forced c-section authorized to protect woman suffering from ‘psychotic episodes’ and ‘delusional beliefs,’ judge says

2013-12-04 Baby forcibly removed by c-section from Italian mother visiting Britain ‘the stuff of Hitler’s regime’

2013-12-04 Wynne Liberals praised for new child care legislation

2013-12-04 New Ontario law would protect ‘precarious’ workers

2013-11-30 Child taken from womb by social services -  baby forcibly removed by caesarean section by social workers

2013-11-30 'Operate on this mother so that we can take her baby

2013-11-24 Authorities ramp up scrutiny of Jewish sect amid child neglect allegations

2013-11-22 Secretive sect, referred to as the ‘Jewish Taliban,’ flees Quebec for Ontario amid child neglect investigation

2012-11-19 Out to seize their children, courts hound a reformed family

2013-11-13 Ottawa mother admits abandoning children after toddlers found covered in feces - Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

2013-11-18 Social worker arrested after child found cuffed to porch with dead chicken around his neck   National Post

2013-11-10 Welfare cut to failed refugees awaiting deportation

2013-11-10 Legal aid lawyer, secret court and social workers ‘colluded’ to adopt boys

2013-11-10 The civilian who watches the cops

2013-11-09 Another couple flee to France only to have their baby taken away  - Parents being pursued by social workers appear to be having their emails hacked

2013-11-08 Teenage girl charged with aggravated assault after toddler scalded - Toronto

2013-11-08 Man's reputation harmed by link to alleged crack video: Lawyers

2013-11-08 Texas prosecutor Ken Anderson jailed for convicting innocent man

2013-11-08 ‘Right-to-work’ U.S. states a model for Ontario, say Tories 

2013-11-07 McLaughlin a psychopath, court hears

2013-11-06 Scott Stinson: Ontario Liberals need to ‘show their work’ for deficit-reduction math

2013-11-06 Ottawa mulls public database on terrorism to help profile extremists’ behaviour

2013-11-06 Silvio Berlusconi sparks outrage by comparing his judicial woes to Jewish suffering in Hitler’s Germany

2013-11-05  Inside the cult of Jack Layton: Author Brad Lavigne gives up NDP party secrets in ‘Building the Orange Wave’

2013-11-04 How wild rumour led a mob to murder an innocent man

2013-11-02 Why do judges in our family courts ignore the law?

2013-11-01 Barbara Kay: Second thoughts on surrogacy - National Post

2013-10-26 'I'm angry I was adopted'

2013-10-24 Ottawa Baby Snatchers keep on snatching kids

2013-10-23 Christie Blatchford: Jeffrey Baldwin’s grandmother seen as ‘part of a team’ in his care, before her role in his murder

Date Unknown -Dismissal overturned  for an Ottawa Children's Aid Society worker who falsified expense claims and failed to remit restitution payments from a Crown ward.


2013-1017 Christie Blatchford: Jeffrey could have still wound up with grandparents if Catholic Children’s Aid checked damning records

2013-10-11 Jeffrey Baldwin: Files on starved boy’s grandparents’ abuse not passed on, inquest told

2013-10-11 Seventeen positions being permanently eliminated Chatham-Kent Children's Services

2013-10-10 Christie Blatchford: Children’s Aid dismissed sex abuse allegations two years before grandparents killed Jeffrey

2013-10-07 Jeffrey Baldwin's mother tells inquest about losing son

2013-09-17 Star Investigation: Ottawa to crack down on Canadian sex tourists - comment by Mark Hecht CAS Ottawa Lawyer

2013-09-27 CAS Ottawa Annual General Meeting

2013-09-07 FACS to close Welland residence, at least 20 face layoffs

2013-0703 Chris Carter facing personation with intent, disobeying court order charges

2013-06-04 Changes at Children's Aid worry foster parents  ( Lanark, Leeds and Grenville)

2013-03-26   Union warns families after 18 Children’s Aid Society workers laid off  ( Windsor-Essex)

2013-03-14 Victim blames Children's Aid Society for years of abuse by guardian

2013-02-23 Chris Carter released -

2012-02-22 Chatham-Kent Children's Services get condtions on Chris Carter

2012-11-08 CAS Ottawa get the "best deal in Ontario" says Chrisy Tremblay OPSEU Local 454 President



2012-11-16 Ottawa kids lived in fear of ‘time bomb’ mom  CAS v. D.P., 2012 ONSC 6059 

2012-11-15 Children's Aid Society workers in Ottawa ratify concessions-free new contract

2012-08-27 Special deliveries: St. Paul’s Hospital a centre for treating and delivering the ­highest-risk mothers in the province

2012-06-21 Too FAT to be a dad: 360lbs father 'loses custody of two sons because he's too obese to keep up with them' 

Children's Aid Society of Ottawa  Dr. Palframan,  Dr. Baksh, Dr. David McLean, Family Court Clinic at the Royal Ottawa Hospital,  Cheryl Hess, Mark Sumegi,

The moral of this case is never express an opinion to the CAS as it will be used against you.


2012-06-21 Obsese man ruled unfit for fatherhood - Judge orders adoption for two boys who have special needs
The Ottawa Children's Aid Society made headlines around the world for failing to return a child to a father who was a victim of domestic violence because he was "too fat".

2012-06-20 Dad says he's losing custody battle because he's obese


2012-06-17 Judge to rule on whether obesity a factor when deciding if parents are fit to raise children Gary Dimmock Ottawa Citizen

2012-06-12 Matt Gurney: An obese father’s loss of his children should alarm us all

2012-05-04 Man charged after Children’s Aid Society worker assaulted  (Ottawa)

2012-02-21 Outspoken opponent of children's aid societies arrested

2012-01-18 Cost to county of lying social workers: $10.6 million

2009-06-12 Children's Aid Society workers should be reined in, critics say Kevin Libin National Post

2000 0413 Crown drops porn charges against father

20070401 Family Rights Today: Mother Awarded 4.9 Million Dollars In Lawsuit Against CPS

20061201 Children's Aid funds misused, auditor says Resort trips, SUVs, among expenses queried by Ontario official